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Western Australia

Every KM worth the trip; wish we could stay longer!!
Russ & Linda H, Geraldton WA

Absolutely delicious-best we have ever had.
Burns Family, Perth

Initially loved the humour, then came the pancakes! Only found you by chance-thank God!!
Nancy & Rod T, Perth

Well worth pulling the caravan up the hill-yummy!
S & T Arundel, Albany WA

Fantastic. A great place, view, food and a beautiful day. Can't ask for anything more. Thanks
Sharan D, WA

Bang went New Years resolution, but what a way to go!
Jan & Lionel W, York WA

Tim stuffed 2 pancakes down, I thought he was going for a 3rd. Yummy rummy banana pancakes!! Jennie W, Perth

Best pancakes in Oz. Yummy yummy. Frank H, Perth

Very pleasant atmosphere. Great to return once more.
John & Joy A., Middleswan WA

Just great. Love the crazy signage!
Leo and Veronica N., Perth

Quite a drive to get here but it's worth it. Yum yum!
Shane & Tracey, Mandurah WA

Wonderful atmosphere, loved the fireplace & pancakes.
We'll be back! Frank & Jennie A.., Tom Price WA

Beautiful pancakes & scenery
Kim, Lyn & Eva M, Manjimup WA

Lovely huge pancakes, very tasty. We love elephants!
Amy, Kate, Catherine, Sophie & Susan, Perth

Stuffed on your pancakes and, oh, what a feeling!
Alan & Corinna C, Perth