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We serve European-style savoury and sweet crepe-pancakes, not the flapjack US style you find at MacDonalds etc.

Your choice of contents - eg smoked salmon and camembert, strawberries with chocolate or whatever - is cooked inside the crepe, magnifying the flavours deliciously.

Small wonder one of Australia's premier television travel programs called them the "best pancakes in Australia". Come to think of it, they might have included the rest of the planet as well!

Sweet Dishes
all come with cream, ice cream
or a bit of both
Savoury Dishes

Maple Syrup

Cinnamon Sugar


Jam (various choices)

Lemon Sugar

Honey & Lemon


Banana Maple Walnut (BMW)

Apple Cinnamon

Banana Apple & Blueberry

Brandied Apricots

Rummy Banana

Banana Chocolate

Raspberry Ripple


Egg, Cheese & Ham

Cheese, Asparagus & Ham

Cheese, Banana & Ham

Cheese, Pineapple & Ham

Cheese, Spinach & Tomato

Cheese, Spinach & Salami

Chicken & Mushroom

Chicken Cheese & Spinach

Chicken Cheese & Asparagus

Chicken Camembert & Blueberry

Chicken Cashew & Apricots

Smoked Salmon & Camembert - smoked salmon mushroom & camembert in a white wine sauce

Spicy Pancake Specials
Choose from Mild, "Middie" or Volcanic"

Curried Chicken

Chicken Satay (with chillied peanut sauce)

Tandoori Chicken

Chili con Carne (better than Texas Chili - this from an expert who's eaten through over 500 Chili recipes (whew!!)

Garlic Prawns (Easter time)